Retro Kitchen Magic With Mexican Cuisine

Anita's FeastThe moment I stepped into Marilau Ricaud’s kitchen, I knew I was in for a treat. It was off-season in San Miguel, but the sunny kitchen of Marilau Mexican Ancestry Cookery School was set for action. We got acquainted over a glass of cooling hibiscus tea, then launched into several hours of delightful conversation, working with chilies and making salsas, including plenty of time for tasting the results.

In all, I took three classes with Marilau. They were all hands-on, very professionally organized and delivered, and enjoyable as can be. Highly recommended for anyone looking to dive into Mexican cooking, or take their skills up a notch! Come prepared to chop, stir and learn the family secrets behind some extraordinary flavors.

Anita and Marilau

For more about my sessions with Marilau, read Retro kitchen magic with Mexican cuisine on my blog, Anita’s Feast

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