Texas Monthly Magazine

Texas Monthly Magazine November 2011, Cocina Confidential by Patricia Sharpe I wanted to learn the secrets of Mexican cooking, from to posole, so I hopped a bus to San Miguel de Allende. ...Two days before our trip ended, we finally managed to meet with María Laura Ricaud... but not in time to attend one of

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Lifestyle+Travel Magazine

Lifestyle+Travel Magazine Lifestyle+Travel Magazine / Nov-Dec 2011 Text by Lara Dunston and Terence Carter; Photos by Terence Carter "The focus of my school is !traditional! Mexican food; not the cuisine of chefs!" Marilau Ricaud, owner of the !Marilau Traditional Mexican Cooking School! in the charming town of San Miguel de Allende, north of Mexico City,

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Saveur Magazine

Saveur Magazine Saveur - The Mexico Issue By Anna Stockwell and Elyse Inamine - August 24, 2012 Plan your next trip to Mexico around a class at a cooking school, where expert local chefs teach students how to use authentic Mexican ingredients and techniques. Marilau Mexican Ancestry Cooking School Marilau Ricaud comes from a long

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Thanks Again For 6 Wonderful Days!

Thanks Again For 6 Wonderful Days! By Lisa Westgaard (Food-photographer) & Tone Dahl (Chef), Oslo Norway Our experiences with Maria and her Traditional Mexican Cooking School have been exceptional. We took 6 days of hands on cooking classes in January 2011 focusing mainly on the core of Mexican cooking: salsas, adobos, pipianes and mole and

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Go World Travel Magazine

Go World Travel Magazine 'Tis The Season For Tamales By Sherry Spitsnaugle Marilau Ricaud greets my adult niece Kelly and me and invites us into her kitchen, just off a cobblestoned street in a sleepy neighborhood of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We have signed up for a three-hour class with Marilau’s Mexican Ancestry Cooking School to learn how

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Mexican Cooking With Maria

Mexican Cooking With Maria By Rachel Laudan San Miguel is a wonderful place to live but it isn't exactly one of the renowned centers for traditional Mexican food. As I spend my time writing about food and its history, I've always felt a little guilty that I wasn't heading off for Puebla, Oaxaca, Michoacán and

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Eating History

Eating History "Eating History", Denis D´Amico - Norman, Oklahoma I never put the thoughts of history and eating together... until a recent trip to San Miguel de Allende in the mountains of central Mexico where I touched and ate a part of history. I have always loved to look at old churches and ruins, museums,

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Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine Mexican 96 Authentic Dishes Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications By Kate Carter Frederick, April 2007 Marilau, Mexican Ancestry Cooking School Marilau, Mexican Ancestry Cooking SchoolMarilau, Mexican Ancestry Cooking School rated "Excellent" by 189 travelers

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