Hola y muy bienvenidos to my Cooking School!

BienvenidoAs in all cultures, those born and raised in the society are the best source of knowledge about traditions. As a Mexican native, I inherited my Mexican cuisine from my previous generations. And my passion too!

Come and share the magic that happens in my cooking classes whenever I share with you my inherited knowledge and very fresh ingredients mixed with a variety of spices and herbs to season, or the miracle that happens when other times I use dry fruits, seeds and nuts to thicken and season the large list of traditional Mexican sauces (salsas).

Witness the colors, aromas, and surprising transformations of the dry chiles, while turning into wonderful Mexican sauces (salsas) with flavors that you’ll find nothing less than “amazing”. This sensory experience, combined with your opportunity to cook side-by-side with me and then sit down to a fine, abundant meal you prepared with my teaching passion, provides an unforgettable culinary experience in my cooking classes.

Weekday cooking classe emphasize the hands-on experience; students gather around and immerse in Ancestry Mexican cuisine, and work  to prepare a full three courses lunch.

In my cooking classes you experience: conversation, history, questions, and laughter fill the room, along with the savory scents of roasting fresh chiles, toasting dry chile, garlic, onion, roast tomatoes, cilantro, tomatillos, cumin, cinnamon, and many other “Authentic Mexican” flavors. Cooking class completed, everyone sits down at a long wooden table to enjoy the fruits of their labor, along with a “jarrito de agua fresca de Jamaica”.

I take pride in offering high quality cooking classes, loyaly conveying the techniques and “secrets” that have been jelosuly kept in my family for generations. I invite you to learn these techniques and secrets in my cozy kitchen with its antique Mexican molcajetes, metates, cazuelas and ollasContact us to hold your space in any of our classes, with a maximum of 8 students per class to insure individualized attention to each.

Mexican Traditions

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