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Revista Better Homes & Gardens Mexican 96 Authentic Dishes Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications By Kate Carter Frederick, April 2007 Marilau, Mexican Ancestry Cooking School

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Revista Saveur Saveur - The Mexico Issue By Anna Stockwell and Elyse Inamine - August 24, 2012 Plan your next trip to Mexico around a class at a cooking school, where expert local chefs teach students how to use authentic Mexican ingredients and techniques. Marilau Mexican Ancestry Cooking School Marilau Ricaud comes from a long …

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Revista Texas Monthly November 2011, Cocina Confidential by Patricia Sharpe I wanted to learn the secrets of Mexican cooking, from to posole, so I hopped a bus to San Miguel de Allende. ...Two days before our trip ended, we finally managed to meet with María Laura Ricaud... but not in time to attend one of …

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Revista Lifestyle+Travel Lifestyle+Travel Magazine / Nov-Dec 2011 Text by Lara Dunston and Terence Carter; Photos by Terence Carter "The focus of my school is !traditional! Mexican food; not the cuisine of chefs!" Marilau Ricaud, owner of the !Marilau Traditional Mexican Cooking School! in the charming town of San Miguel de Allende, north of Mexico City, …

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